Therapeutic Services

Family Therapy

Our clinicians utilize Structural Family Therapy to help families recognize outside influences and internal breakdowns in communication. We believe that family is defined by the people in it, and have extensive experience working with non-traditional families.

We also believe that children under the age of 12 that are dealing with mental health diagnosis, emotional disturbances, or developmental issues are best served through the family therapy model. We work with parents to help them better understand what their child is experiencing, and help them create a plan to provide consistent support and modify problematic behavior.

We also provide parent-child therapy to help parents better work with children who need extra support or have special needs. We use enactments in-session to help parents change the way they react to and interact with their children in order to promote the closeness that is vital for children who are struggling.

Couples Therapy

At DCS, we work with every type of couple and are particularly dedicated to meeting the needs of non-traditional couples and those in the LGBTQ community. We utilize dynamic therapy, looking at how each part of the couple can trigger the vulnerabilities of the other, resulting in miscommunication and unhealthy patterns in the relationship. Using role-play and in-session enactments, we track those patterns in real time and help couples practice new ways of interacting.

Individual Therapy

Adult & Child

Our therapists approach all individual therapy from a systems perspective. We put the client in the context of their relationships (home, work, school, friends, etc) in order to better understand how all aspects of their life may be impacting their mental health, and how their mental health symptoms may be impacting the rest of their life. We aim to get a holistic view of each of our clients in order to create an individualized plan to help them meet their goals.

DCS provides individual therapy for all adults, and children age 12 and older. For children under the age of 12, we recommend parent-child therapy or family therapy (see Family Therapy).

Group Therapy

We are currently exploring ways of using telehealth models to provide group therapy for clients interested in utilizing the group model. Watch this space! And if you are looking for a particular type of group therapy, let us know. If we get several folks looking for similar group support, we can work with clients to create something that best meets their needs.